Alaska Cruise Or Land Tour For A Vacation That Warms Your He

Besides its reputation for being “”cold””, what else do you

know about our 49th State? Alaska has an abundance of things

to do and see, whether you are a first time vacationer or a

returning traveler. There is no other place like Alaska for

traveling and exploring. Alaska is 586,000 square miles.

With an area …

that big, think about the possibilities.

Here are just a few of the attractions that are available

and are sure to whet your appetite for adventure. Wildlife

viewing, helicopter tours, and train rides are very popular.

You can also relax on a bus tour into Denali State Park,

watch a totem pole being carved, or try your luck at

catching one of Alaska’s world famous King Salmon.

It would take (2) lifetimes to experience everything Alaska

has to offer. With its vast wilderness, Alaska provides

opportunities for viewing wildlife either up close or from

far away, in its natural habitat. For example, Alaska holds

the distinction of having the largest Eagle population in

the world. Whether you are a nature lover or not, just

seeeing these magnificent birds soar throught the air is

enough to take your breath away. With a wilderness area that

is 2 1/2 times the size of the state of Texas, you can be

guaranteed excellent photo opportunities.

It’s hard to believe that Alaska has the largest temperate

rain forest in the United States. Take the time to walk in

it and discover this incredible gift. Indescribable

adventures await you whereever your journey takes you in

Alaska. Every “”ice-blue”” glacier and historic waterfront

town calls for you to jump in to explore and discover its

uniqueness and beauty. Give yourself the freedom to answer

this “”call of the wild””. In every city from Anchorage to

Fairbanks and beyond, there’s plenty to do and see.

One of the ways to see this beautiful state is to cruise the

Inner Passage. Taking one of the cruise ships is a simple

way to get your feet wet and explore the state. You have the

security of knowing that your basic needs like food,

transportation, and your lodging is handled while you have

the freedom of choosing any number of activities.

Depending on the town you stop in, you can choose to go

whale watching, or take a helicopter trip and walk on a

glacier. You can ride the White Pass Railroad or pan for

gold. You can even take a Jeep tour on a logging trail and

top it off with a salmon bake. Also, every town appears to

have their own special and historical events happening on a

regular basis and you definitely want to catch these, as

well. There are also many fascinating museums and remember

to save time to see the stunning Aurora Borealis, especially

if you go in the fall.

Alaska seems to have it all. From world famous Parks &

Preserves to Volcanos. From Historical & Annual Events and

everything in between. With such variety, it’s surprising

that anyone would look anywhere but north when vacation time

comes. Alaska is a great American Vacation destination that

you will want to experience for yourself at least once in

your lifetime.

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